Monday, January 5, 2009

eBoostr - Use Flash drive as RAM - Speed up your PC!

You might have heard of this Readyboost if you are a windows vista user. This is one technique by which you can use your pen drive as an extra random access memory (RAM) for your computer. When you insert a Pen drive into your Vista OS machine, you'll be given an option to boost your computer memory with USB along with other options like "Play media files", "Open folder to view files" and et cetera. This is one real helpful software. But people with windows xp need not worry.
Coz eboostr is here.
Yes, this new software is similar to ReadyBoost in Vista. It works in XP. And now you can boost up your XP OS computer's memory without much work.
You can boost up your computer using memory card reader also. Same application. Eboostr.

  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • USB 2.0 port version or external card-reader
  • USB flash drive or flash card with at least 64 MB free space
Download Link:

If you want to buy the full version of eboostr($29) check their site.
Site link:

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