Thursday, December 16, 2010

Google Body Browser - An educational tool by google

Google has released the new Body Browser in its Lab website. It is an educational tool built to completely browse the various parts of a human body. Initially you find a woman dressed in a blue attire and  on the left side are your controls that guide you to browse through her. You can rip her skin off(not the clothes) and see the organisation of various organs, bone structure, muscular tissues, nervous system and much more. 

Google Body Browser gives you a variety of controls. You can control the depth of visibility of bones, organs, muscles and nerves either individually or in a chained way. Enabling the labeling option will label the various visible parts. Search option given in marvelous in giving instant result by animating the body. 

Google Body Browser is yet another showcase of HTML5's beauty. The Body browser also needs WebGL support which is not implemented in most browsers other than Firefox and Chrome Beta. Download the beta version of the Chrome from here and try the Body Browser by logging in to or you can just check out the video on youtube here

The Body browser is still in Google Labs and expected to have much more features in the times to come.

Stay updated on Racing Infinity as more updates are to come.  

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