Monday, January 26, 2009

Google Chat Bots - Language not a barrier anymore!

Here is something, not so new, but so useful. Google Chat bots! Chatting with people who don't know english was always difficult and almost impossible. But Google got a solution to this. Name of the solution is "Google Bots".

Google Bots translate languages. There are more than 50 bots that google has released. Add them as your friend on Google chat and while chatting with an alien who doesn't speak your language, add these bots and make it a conference chat. Thats it! Whenever you enter something, the bot will translate it to what it is supposed to. There are different bots for different languages.

The email addresses of the bots that you should add follows the following pattern.

[from language]2[to language]

For example, if you want to translate English to Hindi, you add the bot as your friend.

Other bots are -

  • ar2en (Arabic to English)
  • de2en (German to English)
  • de2fr (German to French)
  • el2en (Greek to English)
  • en2ar (English to Arabic)
  • en2de (English to German)
  • en2el (English to Greek)
  • en2es (English to Spanish)
  • en2fr (English to French)
  • en2it (English to Italian)
  • en2ja (English to Japanese)
  • en2ko (English to Korean)
  • en2nl (English to Dutch)
  • en2ru (English to Russian)
  • en2zh (English to Chinese)
  • es2en (Spanish to English)
  • fr2de (French to German)
  • fr2en (French to English)
  • it2en (Italian to English)
  • ja2en (Japanese to English)
  • ko2en (Korean to English)
  • nl2en (Dutch to English)
  • ru2en (Russian to English)
  • zh2en (Chinese to English)

Wow! I can speak Spanish now!
Las personas se divierten!

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