Sunday, February 15, 2009

1473MP Picture taken during Obama's swearing-in Ceremony.

Simply awesome!


I had heard that a high-clarity picture was taken during Obama's swearing-in ceremony. Picture in which you can zoom to see a high clarity picture of a person standing a kilometer away. Considering it as just an hoax, I ignored it. But today, I got a mail. Wow! And that hoax is no more a hoax to me. Its real. I know you people won't believe. But seeing is believing. So I have the photo for you. Check it out yourselves and zoom in to see some famous personalities. You can see people sleeping, count the stars on the flag, what is in Bush's hands and anything. The clarity of picture is just superb! No words to describe that. You can see an Exit board which is out of the field. I mean you can read the letters on the board which is more than a km far. You can see every person's face. So good!

Click on the picture above or just click here to zoom and enjoy the clarity.

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