Thursday, March 19, 2009

Google Chrome 2 Beta Released - What's new?

Google Chrome is back to be the everyday browser you need.

Lets just have a glimpse on what is new ?

The most common thing people look for in a browser is - the speed. Google Chrome stable version was just good enough but it was not as good as the apple's safari. But the new Chrome 2 Beta is just no less than Safari now. The speed tests have proved that Google Chrome 2 beta is just in line with Safari. And its in the Google Chrome developer team itself announced that its twice as fast as its previous version.

Auto-fitting of two windows is one more new feature. I don't understand any use of this feature though. Just drag the tab out and release the pointer just near the other Google Chrome 2 window border. You will have 2 Chrome windows side by side equally fit to the screen.

Full screen browsing runs smooth and fine.

Zooming is lot better that is appreciable. For the previous versions, zooming meant increasing the font size. But with Google Chrome 2 Beta, you can zoom into pictures too.

A disappointing news for the Mozilla users is the add-on thing. Add-ons are not implemented even in this version and this drawback can keep the Mozilla lovers far from Google Chrome.

I personally love Google Chrome for its simplicity and beauty in it.

Try and see... Google Chrome 2 Beta.

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