Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Google Gears - Offline Gmail

I always love Google for its extreme ideas. That is why my blog has lot of posts on Google stuff. Google gears is an offline way of handling Web sites. The best one is the Google mail. Gmail.

Now you can access your Gmail inbox while you are offline. Here is an how-to guide for that.

Step 1: Go to and install Google gears.

Step 2: Open your Gmail inbox with any browser. And go to the labs section. To go to the labs section, click on the green conical flask shown on the top-right of your screen along with options like 'Settings' and 'Sign out'.

Step 3: Enable the 'Offline Gmail' option here. And then save changes.

Now your account will be reloaded with one more new option called 'Offline' near the labs 'settings' option. Clicking on that will take you to the Offline mode. When you do this for the first time,  all your mails, attachments photos and everything will be copied on to the system. So don't enable this option if you are using public computers.

Now you will have a shortcut to Gmail on your desktop. Click that. Login. Then go Online and your new mails will be downloaded to your system. You can then go back offline and check your new mails.

If you have lot of mails in your inbox, the first time download is a painful task. Try it! :)

Google Gears is not just confined for GMail. There are lot other websites that can be handled with Gears.

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