Saturday, July 17, 2010

Firefox 4 beta 1 in Ubuntu

Once upon a time, there was something called Microsoft Internet Explorer…
Then came Mozilla Firefox… IE is now almost forgotten.
But then came Google Chrome. But is firefox going to be forgotten? No way! There’s more to come.
Chrome is already in version 5 and its growing lightning quick. They’re already working on version 6 and it will be out soon. Mozilla outbroke the browser market once ruled by IE. But then with the introduction of Google Chrome, it faced some serious competition and is now struggling hard to top the list. Now Mozilla is coming up with version 4. Firefox 4 is now in beta version and you can try the beta version here.
Firefox 4 has slimmed down and acquired chrome-like look by shifting tabs to the title bar. It also embodies a better Add-on and extension manager. Significant improvements seen in handling Javascripts. Supports HTML5 and many more.
Here’s how you can Install Firefox4 on Ubuntu 10.04.
Step 1 : Go to and download the Firefox 4 tar ball. The package will be downloaded to your Downloads Folder.
Step 2: Type the following in Terminal
sudarshan@mycomputer:~/Downloads$ bzip2 -d firefox-4.0b1.tar.bz2
sudarshan@mycomputer:~/Downloads$ tar xvf firefox-4.0b1.tar
sudarshan@mycomputer:~/Downloads$ sudo mv firefox /opt/
sudarshan@mycomputer:~/Downloads$ ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox ~/bin/firefox4
sudarshan@mycomputer:~/Downloads$ firefox4
That should do. :)

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