Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cheapest 35$ tablet comes from India

India dazzled the world once by bringing a 2000$ car (Tata Nano) and now it strikes back with a 35$ tablet PC. IITians came together to build this revolutionary 35$ tablet and tagged as a necessity for students of India. 

India aims to provide this tablet to the students of india and is currently searching for a company ready to mass manufacture this product. Kapil Sibal also said it at a news conference that further R&D may reduce its cost to below 20$. It has a ebook reader, a webcam, video player, preloaded educational softwares, 2GB RAM , wifi connectiviy and touch-stylus interface. It also has slots for MicroSD card, SIM card, a video output and a mini USB port as well. Now that's feature rich for 35$. 

The 35$ laptop is a no-profit-no-loss product aimed at boosting Indian education. It is not intended to compete with Apple iPad or Amazon Kindle. In the retail market, there will be added taxes and the cost may be a little more than 35$. It is built by Indians (IITs), aimed for the development of India but I still have no idea why it is called 35 'dollar' laptop.

Here's the episode of NDTV gadget Guru.

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