Monday, November 8, 2010

GSpace - Use your gmail free space to store files

Gmail gives me around 7GB of free space and I've realized lately that I hardly use 40% of it. Now I've found a way to make best use of the free space by storing my personal files in my Gmail free space. The solution is GSpace. Its a firefox plugin that helps you store files into your Gmail. It still constraints on the file size which is around 10MB but that's fine.

Installation is very simple. You can just find your way to the extension in your firefox extension gallery and install it. Otherwise download it from the gspace website which is very simple and described here.

With your firefox browser go to GSpace website. Go to their download page. And select your operating system. Confirm your installation and you're done and free to use the Gmail free memory as your personal stash for storing files. If your firefox fails to recognize your firefox plugin then just go to the downloaded file and open with firefox web browser. That should do.

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