Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get started with Google Chrome's Web Store

Chrome has come out with a new store for webapps called Chrome Web Store. Not probably a completely new concept if you look at Apple's AppStore and Android's 'Market', but definitely a new functionality for browsers. Chrome web store is probably a small step of Google's towards the Chrome OS which is in its beta testing side. Initially launched only for US users, it is now open to the world. So what exactly do you find in the Chrome Web Store? 

After I logged on to their web store, I installed few and realized that they're only packaged bookmarks which doesn't do anything more than just redirecting to the website(the very first app I downloaded was the Blogger app which only redirected me to Disappointing? yes. But it doesn't end there. There are some exclusive apps that use HTML5, which is the latest major revision of HTML and still under development (see wiki). Some of them are mentioned later in this article. Consider Web apps as feature rich versions of their website. 

Chrome Web Store provides a variety of categories to download from. Some free and some paid but helps any kind of users, be it shoppers, bloggers, students, gamers, developers etc.. Some of the best app that you can start off with could be Scribble, Aviary's Advanced Image Editor or NYTimes and you also have some games like the classic PacMan

With the introduction of WebStore, Chrome has made available, the extensions and themes under one roof.  

All you need to do is download Google Chrome stable version, access the Chrome Web Store and select an app and click Install as shown in the screenshot below. 

Once you've installed a web app, you will find them when you open a new tab just before your Last Visited section. 

With extensive work going on in HTML5, I'm sure Google's new Chrome Web Store is going to be a hit among the other browsers. 

Stay tuned on Racing Infinity for more updates on Chrome Web Store.

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