Monday, January 24, 2011

Steps to change your network operator via MNP

Mobile number in the present times act as once id. Whenever we change it, we need to inform to all our friends, relatives, co-workers and cause hell a lot’a confusions. The trouble extends when you miss to update your official contacts like the bank accounts, demat accounts, insurance and in all the investment papers. Social websites do have an impact where and all we have provided our mobile number. Alas!! these tedious side-effects, force one to use his current network even though one is not convinced with his service provider.

Times have changed now and thanks to Indian government for introducing MNP(Mobile Number Portability) service. From now, no need to change your number to change the operator. It is as simple as changing your SIM card. It involves a few steps to move to your favorite network and will cost a few bucks (Rs.19) and will take a maximum of 7 days. Below are the five simple steps to change the operator via MNP,

Steps to change your network operator via MNP

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