Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Resize Magic - Resize image files and maintain quality

Most of the times when you're online and uploading pictures to an online forum or while you're blogging, you may find it necessary to resize the image so as to decrease the size of the image file. Here is one such software which beautifully resizes image files while maintaining the quality.

FSoft's Resize Magic

The resize can be done by specifying the length and width of the image or the percentage of the image size. One can do a batch edit on a group of files as well.

Software can be downloaded as a standalone program or as a photoshop plugin from here. The standalone program is a freeware while the photoshop plugin is paid. Standalone program's setup file is around 1MB and takes no time to install. Resize Magic is available for both Linux and Windows.

Some examples of the resizes can be found here.

Hope this helps you next time you find it necessary. 

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