Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What did people google in the last year?

The Zeitgeist 2011 report is released and the top 10's are all out there making a buzz on twitter and blogs. For those who don't know what a Zeitgeist report is, it is a report that Google releases at the end of every year to show the top searches of the whole year in different categories.

Rebecca Black tops the list of fastest-rising global queries and amazingly Google+ has taken the second position. Had it not been Google pushing Google+ onto their users, Google+ would have probably not made it to the top but anyway here it is now. Steve Jobs is at position nine and most of what contributed for his search queries came only after he died. But with iPhone5 (the biggest disappointment of 2012) at position 6 and iPad2 at position 10, apple did rock the list of top 10 this year.

MySpace has topped the list of 'Fastest falling' search queries and surprisingly Orkut is no where in the top 10 which quite amazes me. May be it is just no in the league anymore.

Coming to the consumer electronic section, Kindle Fire happens to be the most searched gadget of the year. With all the hype amazon has made, this definitely deserved to be there but on a related note : Kindle fire is no where in league with iPad. iPhone4S is in second position.

Now to see through the top 10's of India, Facebook is in first place and G+ is 3rd. Looks like Indians were busy socializing this year. Three movies in top 10 fastest rising searches is quite a lot. Bodyguard at number 5, Ra.One at number 6 and Ready at number 10. Indians don't have anything else to search? Or am I just being paranoid.

World cup this year is at number 4. Poonam Pandey, one of the reason why a part of Indian population wanted  India to win world cup, is at number 9. India won the world cup, people still wonder where is poonam pandey?

Anna Hazare takes the lead in fastest rising people. With all the friction going on in India, he definitely is the most searched upon person. Poonam Pandey is again second and I can understand why. Third comes Steve Jobs and rest of the list is populated with celebrities like Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Kajal Aggarwal, Vijay Mallya and etc.

Katrina Kaif is the most searched upon person in 'People'section. Sachin Tendulkar takes 7th position. Bodyguard is the most searched movie and followed by RaOne and Harry Potter in 2nd and 3rd position.

So this is the Zeitgeist 2011 list and you can find the complete list on the official website

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