Thursday, February 11, 2010

gtalX - a gtalk for ubuntu


Its still in the version 0.0.5. And its still not something that's very friendly.

What's good?
Its simple.
You can make voice calls. (was a hard thing just a few days back).

What's bad?
You can't log out unless you quit.
You can't change your status message or icon.

What's buggy?
Don't know whether its a bug or a super power - you can see invisible people. They are shown in the list of people who are online. Though you cannot make any contact with them. :)

Download the debian package from the link here:

Install it by running the following commands in command line.
sudo dpkg -i gtalx_0.0.5_i386.deb

or if you have 64-bit Ubuntu then

sudo dpkg -i gtalx_0.0.5_amd64.deb

Once it is done, run

sudo apt-get -f install

To remove gtalx just type

sudo apt-get remove gtalx


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  2. Built-in EMPATHY software is given in UBUNTU KARMIC KOALA. All options r there in that. Chat, voice call, change the status msg and also u can change ur status to idle as and when u wish, and also we can remotely share ubuntu desktop with the one we r chatting or talking to.
    Completely fine :P. No flaws with the software.

  3. Ya. I know that. But it didn't work with all. Even the new pidgin has all those features if you have not noticed. And pidgin will probably be the default chat client in lucid lynx again.