Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google Buzz - the new thing!

Google released its new thing - Google Buzz just two days back. With the call, "Go beyond status messages", Google buzz integrates with your gmail inbox and is yet another social networking solution by Google. As far as I see it, it is a mix of exact quantities of Twitter and Facebook with a Google Brand. With Google buzz, you can 'buzz' like you 'tweet' on twitter. The only added features come from Facebook. Like 'liking' a post or 'commenting' on one's status update.

Google Buzz is simple. It integrates with your inbox and no serious setup needed. Just a minimal completion of profile will do the job. Since it incorporates itself in one's mailbox, it will be a good push to those people who kept themselves away from Social-networking stuff.

Sharing can be private or public. Your buzzes can be either public or private. You can make your buzzes to be seen only by a particular group of people or the whole world. Though, the setting up of groups take time, it is of great importance (You can keep your corporate clients away from knowing that you like ice creams ;) ).

Another big thing that twitter lacks is implemented in Google Buzz. With Google Buzz, your updates (buzzes) can include photos, videos and texts with more than 140 characters. Meaning - no more shortened URLs. A picture is worth thousand words. ;) So I think this is another positive point of Google Buzz.

Google Buzz is not isolated. The whole concept is about unification of picasa, Google Reader, Google Mail, Blogger, Twitter and Flickr. This is truly amazing. New post in your blog, or things you shared on Reader, or updates you make on Twitter, or photos you add to Picasa/Flickr will be shown as Buzz. Just imagine what life would be if it wasn't this way. If you wanted to share a new photo that you took, then you had to upload it to flickr or picasa. Then take its link and post it on Twitter and paste it as you status update on gmail chat.

Google with Google Buzz seem desperate to beat Facebook and Twitter. But who cares, as long as their products are good. It has been only two days and it is too early to decide on anything. But I can already see people tweeting their new Google Profile's links. And trends on twitter showed me mixed opinions among people. But Google has made lot of changes to it, based on user feedbacks, since its release. People who joined late might have not noticed it. But it's given in their official Gmail Blog.

I read some articles over net and followed trends on twitter about Google Buzz. Google Buzz is definitely better than Yahoo's social integration. Google Buzz will be better than others because it will soon be there in Google OS, Google APIs, Google Chrome and everywhere. It's Google after all. Is it a threat to Facebook and Twitter? It's too early to answer that. But my bottom line goes like this "Google Buzz has no special features for people to switch to it from their existing networks on Facebook/Twitter."

What do you think of Google Buzz? Post as your comments.

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