Thursday, December 23, 2010

JotForm - Efficient Form building for email / web

JotForm is one of the best tools to create a form for your website or to mail some group and get responses.
Its features are -
1. Easy to use Interface
2. Drag and Drop form elements
3. Choose from the 40 form elements
4. Variety of themes
5. Customizable email responses
6. No registration required

All that you need to do is just log on to their site

And start building your new form.

You can add captcha, a rating scale, a grade scale, and many more survey tools. You can also apply validation rules to your fields. Most common fields like email and phone numbers are automatically validated.

When you save the form it asks for your email id to which responses of that form will be sent to. Best part is that you can completely customize the responses using another simple interface. You can get the URL of the form or the code that links to it so that you can then embed it into your website.

Following screenshots will help you understand it better.

Creating a form using JotForm. Add any tools from the side pane. 

Saving your email id to which your form responses will be sent.

Customizing your email responses

Use the tools in top panel to edit Email Alerts, Thank you message, Share the form, Get Source Code or to set the preferences.

The finished form. Look at the URL. This is created for you. 

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