Tuesday, June 14, 2011

India's 35$ Laptop finally out!

India's much awaited 35$ tablet is finally being released. The challenge the IITians took to build this cheapest tablet has been fruitful. Indian government has decided to provide this tablet to Students at a subsidized rate of Rs.1100 and for the general public for a cost of Rs.2200. It is cheaper anyway.

Called as Sakshat Tablet, it features -

7 inch touch screen
Wifi and USB Connectivity
32 GB HD space
Android OS
VGA Camera to support video calling
Multimedia capability

Even though the release is close, the company has not disclosed any information regarding the processor speed or the version of Android it will support. The tablets will be distributed by the HRD ministry through institutions.

A 7 inch tablet for a price of Rs.2200 looks very reasonable and worth buying if you are looking for a cheap handy tool to keep your notes. A low price will have its take. But since it is built by the IITians who have amazed indians for decades, you cannot really predict anything until the tablets are out for sale.

I just wish this move by the HRD ministry really help the technology & education sectors in India. 

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