Thursday, June 30, 2011

Social Memories– One of the best Apps of Facebook

Facebook applications are most of the times stupid and full of clowns dancing around and stupid ads. These applications most of the times land you into some junk advertisement with a little treasure hunt for you to find the right link that takes you to the right app.

But here’s one application that I found really intriguing and brought a smile on my face.

Social Memories.

It is not everyday that you get an application which is so neat and clean like this one. Social Memories neatly analyzes your facebook account entirely: your facebook statuses, photo albums, comments, likes, events you checked in, photos you were tagged in, friends you interact with and almost everything you’ve done after 1st June 2009 and elegantly creates a picture book containing beautiful infographics of your facebook life. And they call it Social Memories.

Once everything is calculated, you get to see the book in flash version on the application itself though not in a high resolution. You can get the hard copy of it for a price of $32 including the mailing charges.

If you’ve been active on facebook for the past few months, then this Social Memories application is sure to bring a smile on your face.

Here are some screenshots -


socialr1  socialr2




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  1. and so rightly it came out at a time when g+ was abt to release...