Monday, January 3, 2011

Screenr - Online Screen Recorder

Screenr is an online screen recorder tool which can be used to record the desktop, upload and share it online. This tool is mostly useful for those who often have the hobby of creating video tutorials and upload them. 

Screenr is a very simple tool, with very intuitive controls. No signup or download required and it works right from your browser and operates on any platform but requires java to be installed on the system. Screenr even reads the microphone of your computer. 

Go to

Then click on the record desktop.

Set the size of the frame that requires to be recorded. And then click the red button to record. 

And then when you're done, press Alt + D or just click the stop button. Now you can share the screen cast by tweeting it or manually using the link. 

The only disadvantage and the major drawback of Screenr is that it cannot record anything for more than 5 minutes. 

Hope that was helpful. Stay tuned on Racing Infinity for more interesting stuff. 

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